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Gary sold his first business jet, a Learjet 36A, in 1983 and bought his first VIP Boeing 727 in 1986, having throughout remained actively engaged in the specialist field of aircraft transactional management, performance and economic evaluation, acquisitions, disposals, finance and leasing, and personally having handled over 300 jet aircraft transactions in this period of which over 150 have been business jets.

He has somewhat uniquely overseen aircraft transactions for airlines, governments, multinational corporations and private individuals, encompassing most principal airline, regional and private/corporate aircraft types, and has contributed to a number of industry journals on the subject of aircraft selection, operations and related economics. 

This has included the evaluation and purchase negotiation of fleets of new Airbus and Boeing airliners, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as Head of Aircraft Acquisitions & Leasing at a major airline, and all principal business jet models.

Gary's extensive experience and expertise helps clients achieve an optimum, hassle-free transaction for the acquisition of their aircraft at a fair price and as expeditiously as possible.

His experience of the corporate jet sector in particular dates back to the very early 'eighties, when he operated Citations and Hawkers, but, since which, he has transacted most models of VIP Airbus and Boeing biz-liners, Challenger, Citation, Falcon, Global, Gulfstream, Hawker, Lear and others, with a detailed and personal understanding of the operation and maintenance of these types in daily use around the world.

Every jet aircraft in the marketplace is tracked daily, with detailed knowledge of aircraft offered on the global pre-owned market, also new-build aircraft offered by the original contract purchaser pre-delivery from the manufacturers and those pre-owned that are offered discreetly not wishing to cause ripples in the market.

Buying on your behalf, he can provide a comprehensive overview of competing aircraft, help evaluate true lifetime ownership and likely maintenance costs, and only present aircraft for your consideration that represent best value.

On your side of an acquisition, he can aid in a controlled, discreet transaction at an optimum price. You pay only a pre-agreed fixed fee. No conflict of interest is permitted, and surprises are eliminated. 

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Extensive experience over many years of all the principal aircraft types and models, in terms of mission performance, operating and maintenance costs, product support, ability to finance and value retention.


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